TNEA 2012 Rank List – Calculation and Procedures

After Anna university publishes the Rank list on June 30th means next you have to wait for your call letter, the call letter will be consists of all details that when you have to attend the counselling

What students need to do before the counselling

Anna University Counselling 2012 Rank List

Random Number has been published by Anna University yesterday (26th June 2012). Do you know how Random Number is calculated and how it affects your status or Rank. If you have no idea

Now, the next step in Anna University Counselling 2012 is Anna University 2012 Rank List. Now its time for all appplicants of Anna University Engineering Counselling students to know about Anna University Rank List.

Anna University Engineering Counselling (TNEA 2012) Rank List is scheduled to be publiushed on 30th June, 2012. You can Check you Ranklist in www.anna-university-counselling.vdestine.in with your application n umber.

How is TNEA 2012 Rank List Calculated

Usually, TNEA 2012 Rank List is calculated based on a series of Criteria like your Engineering Cutoff, Total Marks, MAthematics Marks, Physics Mark, Optional Subject (Computer Science or Biology Marks), Date of Birth and Random Number.

TNEA 2012 Random Number has been published for Anna University Counselling 2012 and next step is the calculation of TNEA 2012 Rank List.

TNEA 2012 Rank List Calculation:

Rank List is the assigning of Unique rank for each canditate according to which the seat allotments will be given in Anna university Counselling 2012.

1. First the canditates will be arranged o assigned based on The Engineering Cutoffs.

2. Those who are with same Engineering Cutoffs in the assinged TNEA 2012 Rank List will be rearranged based on their Total Marks.

3. Those who are with Same Engineering Cutoff and same Total Marks in that list will be arranged or assinged based on their Physics Marks and this will go on fo all criteria untill the last criteria Birth Date.

How TNEA 2012 Rank List is Important??

TNEA 2012 Anna University Engineeing Counselling Rank List is important because the dates for Anna University Engineering Counselling will be declaed based on Rank List and the allotment of the Seats for Engineering Colleges will be also done based on this Rank list.

What happens after Rank List Publishing??

After the Rank List is published by the Anna University , for TNEA 2012, the canditates have to wait fo the Call letter. The Call letter will contain all the details necessary for the canditates including the Anna University Counselling 2012 schedule for you to attend the counselling and the certificate details.

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